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its been quite some time since i showed LJ some love... and as its 4am and i'm busy working on a take home test i thought hey i could use a break lets update!

so lets see whats goin on.... aaron is in france.  he has been there since sept 22 and will remain there until dec 11.  he spent a week in paris, 2 weeks in angers, and today will be going on to nancy where he will spend most of his time (and where he will actually be student teaching)

i am trudging through grad school.  this week sucks but only because i have to do a presentation tomorrow, crap i probably have to look half ways decent and here i am at 4am looking like hell... i'm gonna have to learn to love coffee i think - or buy stock in red bull... anyway then i have this crazy take home exam that we have 1 week to do  - its due thurs - and its only 4 questions and it seems like hey that should be easy! 4 question take home exam - piece of cake!  but no.. its breaking my brain and my spirit.  i'm actually writing stuff though thats why i hate to stop to go to sleep... well except for right now when i'm stopped to write this... but the typing helps me keep typing better... or something... anyway after thursday i will be such a happy panda!  nothing by relaxation next weekend!  

as a GA my duties involve... not a whole lot.  i do stuff... but not like some of my friends who do a TON of stuff!  i go to stats and sit through class, i help anyone who has troubles, i take the tests they have for fun.  yes i said i take statistics exams for fun.  

i got my car fixed finally - last winter dad backed into my car... the bumper and hood were all messed up... just this month i got everything fixed :)  its super pretty now. i love my car!

i got my hair cut, dont really know if i like it - but its growing out soon enough so it doesnt really matter now does it?

i found a sweet website  www.musicovery.com its fun to play around with and listen to some tunes :)

basically thats all i got for right now.  what do you expect though - its 4am....  my mind is all hung up on situational specificity, validity generalization and operationaliztion, the multi-trait multi-method matrix, and item response theory....  ahhh.....

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