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the weekend

friday morning my dad said he had some chest pains, but he didnt act real worried about it, but then he started acting like he felt really sick.  by friday afternoon he finally gave in and called the doctor who told him to immediately get to the hospital to get checked out.  he ended up spending the night for observation.  they ended up telling him they couldnt find anything wrong with him that would be causing chest pain (thank goodness!) but he still isnt feeling great :(

saturday i went to dinner with my groupmates from class last semester.  it was fun! :) i hope we do it again soon :)

a couple weeks ago, aaron and i discovered penn station east coast subs.  we are addicted now.  we already filled up one of those frequent buyer cards where you get a free sandwich after you buy a certain number.  yummy yummy 
and i found that BP at chapel hill has sandwiches and stuff but only from like 6am until 2pm.  they have the best cookies there though! 

it was really strange a little bit ago both my cell phones ceased working.  i couldnt get a signal.  aaron was talking to me online and he could get a signal but he couldnt call out.  i finally got signal on my verizon phone and tried to call him and it told me the number i was calling was not valid, it was either disconnected or changed.   or it told me that the feature i requested was not available right now.  but after a few minutes i guess they seem to be working now... it was really odd though.

i made stir fry tonight! and by the time i was done cooking it i wasnt really in the mood for it, which is sad because i have been hungry for it for 2 days.  but i ate some and now i feel ill... so woo for the stir fry! :-P   its not all the stir frys fault though (if its at fault at all) cause mostly i have a headache that wont quit 

i'm gonna take a shower and get ready for bed now, so i can start a new day.
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