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months later...

so i finally decided to update again....since last time i got through my first semester at CSU i got an A and a B :)  and i got both my professors to write me recommendation letters for my formal applilcation into the program so thats excellent :)  i am taking 2 more classes next semester... research methodology for consumer psychology and marketing theory and practice - it will be good though because it will only be 2 days a week - mon and wed. - but wed one of my classes is evening class so i will be at school til like between 8-9pm eek!

Brandi is settling in nicely she is getting big! she is 30 lbs or so now! she is funny in that she barks at aaron if he falls asleep at my house - haha

thanksgiving was good - we had it at my house

christmas was also at my house and it was very good - aaron came over in the morning and we opened presents and i got a laptop! that was a surprise!  and aaron got me a new cell phone and bluetooth headset (which he had given to me thanksgiving weekend because he put it added onto his phone plan cause he got a deal and it didnt cost any extra to add my line on to his so now i have two cell phones - dont i feel special  ha)  and i got 2 new DDR games and season 6 of gilmore girls!  so it was a good christmas!  

i have been watching a lot of movies lately.  in the past couple of days i watched Soapdish, Just Like Heaven, Dead Or Alive, The Devil Wears Prada, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, Talldega Nights, and Death To The Supermodels - a fine collection of movies...

especially that last one... its one of those straight to video movies that is really strange  and only got lik,e 2/10 stars on IMDB.  (actually it reminds me a lot of DOA - the whole gathering on an island thing and scantilly clad girls fighting....) anyway - This girl (Jaime Pressly) works for a women;s magazine named Merle and she is trying to make it more popular so she arranges for the 5 greatest supermodels in the world to gather at a private island - the models are an eclectic bunch - P is latina and she was homeschooled by her illiterate grandma and only fed on tuesdays and thursdays... she has the greatest pout in all the land  haha  and then there is a chinese model named hoo-chi, and a european model with really long armpit hair and she stinks really bad and is somehow involved with a midget... a black model named Yo with the biggest booty ever, and the american model is like a living doll - she never talks and barely moves....  jaime pressly's character is psychotic and obsessed with the supermodels and she listens to a self help tape all the time telling her how special she is - and someone is mysteriously killing off the supermodels - P gets harpooned... and i'm still watching it but i'm sure it is gonna continue to be amazing haha
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