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school is back in session now!  MW i have social psych - which is basically almost identical to the class i took last semester with the same prof... which was called Group dynamics...  the topics are different but the layout is the same.  so i think it will be good :)  TR i have job analysis and multivariate statistics.  i think job analysis will be fun... but i worry about multivariate... eek!  today i only had the one class but i feel like totally exhausted and drained and i have a headache and just like it was the longest day ever, but really it wasnt that bad... i went to school a bit early to get my parking pass and i narrowly avoided getting a parking ticket in the meanwhile!  tomorrow i get to go to school extra early to make copies and whatnot before my first class... so i'm tired just thinking about it... off to bed with me!! :)
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