missy panda (panda_fury) wrote,
missy panda

busy week ahead

This week is going to be craziness.  Monday is normal enough, but I have to force myself to go to bed early.  
Tuesday i have to get up early to be at CSU by 8am for grad assistant orientation, which goes on until 4 i think...  
Wednesday I have more orientation from 8-1 and then orientation for psychology grad students from 1:30 until i dunno when, but probably around 4 i am guessing.  
Thursday I will be departng between 2 and 4pm with my cousin Crystal - destination: Wisconsin.  we are going to visit our aunt and uncle for the weekend.  we will come home on sunday. 
and then classes start on monday! ahh!  

i watched a fantastic french movie last night - The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.  It was so strange and amusing.  It's a surrealist film from 1972.  I highly recommend it!  although aaron didn't like it that much.  It's about these wealthy people that keep trying to get together for a meal and it always gets interrupted by bizarre events.

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