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Good News!

I recently got some good news! I have been asked to be a graduate assistant! its only a half time contract (which means i have to work 10 hours a week for whoever i am going to be assisting) but they will pay for 9 of my 12 credit hours i will be taking this fall and pay me a stipend! this means i will only be allowed to work 10 hours outside of the assistanceship also. I get to go to 2 full days of orientation about it plus i have to go sign papers this week i think to make it all official. I also finally got into my 3rd class. so now my class schedule is thus: monday and wednesday Advanced Consumer Psychology from 4pm-5:50pm, tuesday and thursday Personnel Psychology from 10am-11:50am & Content Analysis from 4pm-5:50pm. i think i find out the week before school starts who i will be assisting and what hours or days or whatever. as i stand right now - no class on fridays! (which come to think of it i havent had any classes on fridays at all the whole time i've been going to CSU....) i bought my book for personnel psych. today on amazon - its the only text book that is listed on the bookstore website out of my classes... at the book store used it is $110 i got it new on amazon for $63 including shipping. so horray for the internet! :)

aaron is in his 2nd week of french training. he has never had to learn a language before! i guess previously he took discrete math and that counted as a language or something... weird... i have taken 3 languages (grade school - spanish, high school - german, and college - sign language) so i was quite shocked he had no language experience - for some reason i thought he took german... but i guess i just thought that because he took a trip to germany and probably picked up some stuff there. 2 more weeks of french training and then 5 weeks of student teaching here... then the end of september he will be off to france!!!! until december!!!! and then he will come back and graduate! everything is happening so fast it feels like. we have been watching a lot of french movies lately. its fun!

as far as wedding planning goes... i have still not done a whole lot - got the church booked for the ceremony, and rehearsal. also have the priest committed to the wedding date. i really want to find a rehearsal site before aaron goes to france though. ourweddingday e mails me every week and tells me 467 days until the wedding! (or how ever many days there are... as of today there really are 467) and i'm like thanks that doesnt make me nervous or anything!
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