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amish friendship bread

anyone want some amish friendship bread starter? we got one from a friend of the family. its pretty good. it takes 10 days to make it - but its pretty non labor intensive.  its basically a bit of starter mix in a ziploc bag... for the first 5 days each day you just mush it up in the bag a bit to mix it around. then you add 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 cup of milk... then for the next few days you mush it in the bag again.  then on the 10th day - its mixing day! and you add more flour, sugar and milk then you take out four cups worth and put each cup in a ziploc bag (thats the starter to give to your friends) to the remaining stuff you have left in your bowl you add a bunch of stuff and it makes 2 loaves of bread.  its not like sandwich bread - it reminds me of the style of banana bread, only not banana... but yeah....

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