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i am offically a grad student now! in the psychology department as part of the consumer industrial research program! :) i will start full time in the fall. for now this semester is almost over! my final presentation is wednesday (involving that survey i asked you guys to take) and the follow wednesday is my marketing final!

the same week i found out i got accepted to school, aaron found out he got picked to be part of this group that will be doing their student teaching in the fall in france!! i'm so jealous! :) he will graduate upon his return! he will get paid for going... he has to student teach for a few weeks in akron at the beginning of fall semester, and he has to get a student visa, and take an intensive class on the french language and culture for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for one month!

aaron and i set a wedding date and reserved the church - november 8, 2008 - saint bernard's church! :)

i have some serious problems sleeping lately... i cant fall asleep, or once i do i only sleep for a couple hours before waking up and then not being able to sleep again. its really starting to wear me down....
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