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Today is a day full of studying... i can't wait for the semester to be over so i can do fun things like cooking and not having to study all the damn time.

yesterday i took brandi (thats the puppy) with me to aarons and she got to meet all his animals - spencer the cat and her sniffed noses, veta the mastiff just sorta sniffed her and didnt care too much, murphy the pitbull was excited about a new friend and wanted to play with her and sniff her all over but brandi was sort of scared of him and hid behind my legs... and fritz the chihuahua came up to her sniffed her once and then started growling at her hahah fritz is quite funny since he has been living downstairs with the big dogs instead of just being upstairs with aaron all the time. he growls at the big dogs (and they move out of his way!) and he will crawl on top of veta when she is lying down and stand there like king of the mountain, and apparently he has taken a liking to her and humps her on occassion which i find hilarious cause veta is nearly as big as i am and probably weighs just as much and fritz is only like 2 or 3 pounds haha :-P but i kept brandi upstairs with us most of the time last night and she was soo good! she didnt have any accidents, she didnt chew on anything she wasnt supposed to, and she stayed off the furniture!

friday night aaron and i went to see the movie borat - it was quite hilarious - i could have done without the nude male scenes... but whatever.. it was still funny.

i keep watching cooking shows and they make things that look sooo yummy i want to make them, but i really should be studying and not wasting time making foods full of fat no matter how yummy they made them look on tv.

when i'm not studying i need to be working on my hour long power point presentation and paper to go along with it for my consumer psych class about online shopping... sounds easy - but its hard finding credible information thats relevant to perceived consumer risk and Trust. and lord knows how i'm gonna talk for an hour about it!
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