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back to school

i got my car! its wonderful! i love it! i already said everything about it a couple posts back... so thats about it on that.

school doesnt suck! i am taking 2 classes, consumer psychology and statistics. consumer psych is a lot of reading journal articles and stuff like that - but they are interesting and not boring at all and i understand whats going on for the most part - sometimes they use words i dont know but otherwise i think i'm good to go - and we have to do a group project thats work a huge amount of our grade. it has to be all professional and on power point and 50 minutes long. somehow i got lucky and my group's topic is online shopping! i love it! :) so me and two other girls have to figure out what to do for that.. and its due at the end of the semester. the other class, stats, is fun already - my first homework assignment was manually entering data from 10 scan tron sheets into a spreadsheet. next class we will learn how to clean up data to account for human error. and all our classes will be in a computer lab so thats good. and bad... the teacher forbid us to have food or drink in the lab, not because she doesnt want us to mess up the computers, but because she doesnt want us enticing cockroaches. and she said to never set our bookbags on the floor for that same reason... so that sounds wonderful, but she said they spray once a week for them so i dunno if they are just horrible and wont die? or if they are kept mostly under control... i dont think i will deal well with cockroaches in my class.
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