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missy panda

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sleepy time [23 Jan 2008|02:03am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i should really be asleep... but i'm not - so thats gonna suck in the morning when i have to wake up early and shower before work... and its gonna be a long day too because i have work, then school, then doing work for my prof or studying... then i have a few hours not entirely accounted for, then i'm going to see a play, and eventually find my way back home if i'm still conscious.  its ok i have a frozen energy drink in my car! ;)

this past weekend i attempted to take a trip to toronto but nature foiled it with a snow storm. so we drove part way and ended up turning back after only making it to somewhere in PA (like 2 hours or so drive) it was still a good weekend though :) except for the part where i went sledding and hurt my coccyx  - i hit a rock and landed on my tailbone - it was awesome. actually the sledding part WAS awesome just the landing part sucked... that happened on sunday... its tuesday night now... it still hurts but i cracked it earlier and it felt better for a long while... at least it isnt hurting enough to worry me that i was seriously broken anymore :)  

thats about all i got.

"Let's go to bed. I'm tired of this day. I need a new one." - Evelyn - The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

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thats it [15 Jan 2008|12:26am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

school is back in session now!  MW i have social psych - which is basically almost identical to the class i took last semester with the same prof... which was called Group dynamics...  the topics are different but the layout is the same.  so i think it will be good :)  TR i have job analysis and multivariate statistics.  i think job analysis will be fun... but i worry about multivariate... eek!  today i only had the one class but i feel like totally exhausted and drained and i have a headache and just like it was the longest day ever, but really it wasnt that bad... i went to school a bit early to get my parking pass and i narrowly avoided getting a parking ticket in the meanwhile!  tomorrow i get to go to school extra early to make copies and whatnot before my first class... so i'm tired just thinking about it... off to bed with me!! :)

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my sleepless nights paid off [28 Dec 2007|06:31am]
[ mood | silly ]

i got my grades back! i got a B+ and 2 As :)  

why did i just watch a zombie movie before bed?

all your dreams are dead! I like towels! everyone is special! suck it tanya!  hahaha

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[17 Dec 2007|02:33am]
 I finished up the semester running on approx 2 hours sleep per night and a good deal of energy drinks - i have tried quite a few varieties by now! not quite a connoisseur, but well on my way! of course i have gone cold turkey and now i fall asleep like a narcoleptic person anytime i sit down and sit still for more than 2 minutes....zzzzzzz..........
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research proposals are for sucks [01 Dec 2007|03:46pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i have been working on this stuff but its driving me crazy... 

the real reason i wanted to post though was to share this with the world: i got some new chapstick.  its really good chapstick though!  its dasani - which i was like ugh why are they making chapstick? but it had a rebate so i bought it - and i got 3 flavors... pure water flavor, mouthwatering raspberry, and mouthwatering lemon.  so far i have only tried the pure water but it didnt make me want to gag like the other chapstick i had and my lips are still feeling good from it and i applied it like an hour and a half ago!   

anyway... back to the grind... first proposal is due on tuesday! egads! i hope i survive until then!

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[23 Nov 2007|01:42am]
" I hope someday somebody wants to hold you for 20 minutes straight. All they do is wrap you up in their arms without an ounce of selfishness to it. " - Jenna - Waitress
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stress much? [12 Nov 2007|06:11pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i am so stressed its unbelievable... 

aaron and i have dissolved our engagement... 
school is pressing down upon me hard...
i have trouble focusing on anything...
i'm tired a lot and fall asleep when i try to sit still and study...
then i cant sleep when i want to go to bed and i stay up half the night...
there are lots of other factors involved in my stress... if i've talked to you lately you know what is up...

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holla [15 Oct 2007|04:08am]
[ mood | busy ]

its been quite some time since i showed LJ some love... and as its 4am and i'm busy working on a take home test i thought hey i could use a break lets update!

so lets see whats goin on.... aaron is in france.  he has been there since sept 22 and will remain there until dec 11.  he spent a week in paris, 2 weeks in angers, and today will be going on to nancy where he will spend most of his time (and where he will actually be student teaching)

i am trudging through grad school.  this week sucks but only because i have to do a presentation tomorrow, crap i probably have to look half ways decent and here i am at 4am looking like hell... i'm gonna have to learn to love coffee i think - or buy stock in red bull... anyway then i have this crazy take home exam that we have 1 week to do  - its due thurs - and its only 4 questions and it seems like hey that should be easy! 4 question take home exam - piece of cake!  but no.. its breaking my brain and my spirit.  i'm actually writing stuff though thats why i hate to stop to go to sleep... well except for right now when i'm stopped to write this... but the typing helps me keep typing better... or something... anyway after thursday i will be such a happy panda!  nothing by relaxation next weekend!  

as a GA my duties involve... not a whole lot.  i do stuff... but not like some of my friends who do a TON of stuff!  i go to stats and sit through class, i help anyone who has troubles, i take the tests they have for fun.  yes i said i take statistics exams for fun.  

i got my car fixed finally - last winter dad backed into my car... the bumper and hood were all messed up... just this month i got everything fixed :)  its super pretty now. i love my car!

i got my hair cut, dont really know if i like it - but its growing out soon enough so it doesnt really matter now does it?

i found a sweet website  www.musicovery.com its fun to play around with and listen to some tunes :)

basically thats all i got for right now.  what do you expect though - its 4am....  my mind is all hung up on situational specificity, validity generalization and operationaliztion, the multi-trait multi-method matrix, and item response theory....  ahhh.....

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busy week ahead [20 Aug 2007|03:05am]

This week is going to be craziness.  Monday is normal enough, but I have to force myself to go to bed early.  
Tuesday i have to get up early to be at CSU by 8am for grad assistant orientation, which goes on until 4 i think...  
Wednesday I have more orientation from 8-1 and then orientation for psychology grad students from 1:30 until i dunno when, but probably around 4 i am guessing.  
Thursday I will be departng between 2 and 4pm with my cousin Crystal - destination: Wisconsin.  we are going to visit our aunt and uncle for the weekend.  we will come home on sunday. 
and then classes start on monday! ahh!  

i watched a fantastic french movie last night - The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.  It was so strange and amusing.  It's a surrealist film from 1972.  I highly recommend it!  although aaron didn't like it that much.  It's about these wealthy people that keep trying to get together for a meal and it always gets interrupted by bizarre events.

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Good News! [31 Jul 2007|12:14am]
[ mood | tired ]

I recently got some good news! I have been asked to be a graduate assistant! its only a half time contract (which means i have to work 10 hours a week for whoever i am going to be assisting) but they will pay for 9 of my 12 credit hours i will be taking this fall and pay me a stipend! this means i will only be allowed to work 10 hours outside of the assistanceship also. I get to go to 2 full days of orientation about it plus i have to go sign papers this week i think to make it all official. I also finally got into my 3rd class. so now my class schedule is thus: monday and wednesday Advanced Consumer Psychology from 4pm-5:50pm, tuesday and thursday Personnel Psychology from 10am-11:50am & Content Analysis from 4pm-5:50pm. i think i find out the week before school starts who i will be assisting and what hours or days or whatever. as i stand right now - no class on fridays! (which come to think of it i havent had any classes on fridays at all the whole time i've been going to CSU....) i bought my book for personnel psych. today on amazon - its the only text book that is listed on the bookstore website out of my classes... at the book store used it is $110 i got it new on amazon for $63 including shipping. so horray for the internet! :)

aaron is in his 2nd week of french training. he has never had to learn a language before! i guess previously he took discrete math and that counted as a language or something... weird... i have taken 3 languages (grade school - spanish, high school - german, and college - sign language) so i was quite shocked he had no language experience - for some reason i thought he took german... but i guess i just thought that because he took a trip to germany and probably picked up some stuff there. 2 more weeks of french training and then 5 weeks of student teaching here... then the end of september he will be off to france!!!! until december!!!! and then he will come back and graduate! everything is happening so fast it feels like. we have been watching a lot of french movies lately. its fun!

as far as wedding planning goes... i have still not done a whole lot - got the church booked for the ceremony, and rehearsal. also have the priest committed to the wedding date. i really want to find a rehearsal site before aaron goes to france though. ourweddingday e mails me every week and tells me 467 days until the wedding! (or how ever many days there are... as of today there really are 467) and i'm like thanks that doesnt make me nervous or anything!

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the weekend [22 May 2007|12:56am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

friday morning my dad said he had some chest pains, but he didnt act real worried about it, but then he started acting like he felt really sick.  by friday afternoon he finally gave in and called the doctor who told him to immediately get to the hospital to get checked out.  he ended up spending the night for observation.  they ended up telling him they couldnt find anything wrong with him that would be causing chest pain (thank goodness!) but he still isnt feeling great :(

saturday i went to dinner with my groupmates from class last semester.  it was fun! :) i hope we do it again soon :)

a couple weeks ago, aaron and i discovered penn station east coast subs.  we are addicted now.  we already filled up one of those frequent buyer cards where you get a free sandwich after you buy a certain number.  yummy yummy 
and i found that BP at chapel hill has sandwiches and stuff but only from like 6am until 2pm.  they have the best cookies there though! 

it was really strange a little bit ago both my cell phones ceased working.  i couldnt get a signal.  aaron was talking to me online and he could get a signal but he couldnt call out.  i finally got signal on my verizon phone and tried to call him and it told me the number i was calling was not valid, it was either disconnected or changed.   or it told me that the feature i requested was not available right now.  but after a few minutes i guess they seem to be working now... it was really odd though.

i made stir fry tonight! and by the time i was done cooking it i wasnt really in the mood for it, which is sad because i have been hungry for it for 2 days.  but i ate some and now i feel ill... so woo for the stir fry! :-P   its not all the stir frys fault though (if its at fault at all) cause mostly i have a headache that wont quit 

i'm gonna take a shower and get ready for bed now, so i can start a new day.

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laughing is happy [15 May 2007|02:20am]
[ mood | groggy ]

so perhaps my new favorite show is "The Whitest Kids U Know" 

i got A's in both my classes this semester - hip hop horray!

we cleaned out the garage last weekend, the rest of the house is soon to follow! yikes!

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amish friendship bread [09 May 2007|01:37am]
[ mood | calm ]

anyone want some amish friendship bread starter? we got one from a friend of the family. its pretty good. it takes 10 days to make it - but its pretty non labor intensive.  its basically a bit of starter mix in a ziploc bag... for the first 5 days each day you just mush it up in the bag a bit to mix it around. then you add 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 cup of milk... then for the next few days you mush it in the bag again.  then on the 10th day - its mixing day! and you add more flour, sugar and milk then you take out four cups worth and put each cup in a ziploc bag (thats the starter to give to your friends) to the remaining stuff you have left in your bowl you add a bunch of stuff and it makes 2 loaves of bread.  its not like sandwich bread - it reminds me of the style of banana bread, only not banana... but yeah....

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end of the semester! [02 May 2007|04:14pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I gave my final presentation in my survey making class. and it was awesome! usually my class nitpicks at every little stupid thing they can think of.  but today at the end of our presentation the teacher asked if anyone had questions or comments, and they were speechless.  nothing bad at all to say!! the teacher said we did a hell of a job! and i think everyone was impressed with having actually put the survey online and got some results!  so i'm very happy about how things are ending in that class!  too bad i have one more class period yet - finals week is next week and we arent having a final but we have to go to class to discuss a chapter out of the text.  i'm waiting now to go to my last marketing class! and then the final for that is next wednesday!

now i need to figure out what classes to take in the falll.....

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update mania [01 May 2007|12:09am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i am offically a grad student now! in the psychology department as part of the consumer industrial research program! :) i will start full time in the fall. for now this semester is almost over! my final presentation is wednesday (involving that survey i asked you guys to take) and the follow wednesday is my marketing final!

the same week i found out i got accepted to school, aaron found out he got picked to be part of this group that will be doing their student teaching in the fall in france!! i'm so jealous! :) he will graduate upon his return! he will get paid for going... he has to student teach for a few weeks in akron at the beginning of fall semester, and he has to get a student visa, and take an intensive class on the french language and culture for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for one month!

aaron and i set a wedding date and reserved the church - november 8, 2008 - saint bernard's church! :)

i have some serious problems sleeping lately... i cant fall asleep, or once i do i only sleep for a couple hours before waking up and then not being able to sleep again. its really starting to wear me down....

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survey fun! [29 Apr 2007|03:33am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I made a survey for my class and as part of our final presentation, we are going above and beyond the call of duty by actually implementing our survey online and collecting data and analyzing it.  so... i need to ask you guys a big favor... will you take my survey? and tell other people to take it too????  if it is a concern for anyone - it is completely anonymous.  


p.s. i promise to update my livejournal with a fo' real update in the near future - i have been busy making this freakin' survey!

p.p.s. if it helps you feel bad for me and makes you want to take it more i have been severely sleep deprived the past two nights trying to get this survey to work online and collect some data.  and my group has been spending full days together every saturday for between 5 and 8 hours at a time. 

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months later... [31 Dec 2006|03:15am]
[ mood | amused ]

so i finally decided to update again....since last time i got through my first semester at CSU i got an A and a B :)  and i got both my professors to write me recommendation letters for my formal applilcation into the program so thats excellent :)  i am taking 2 more classes next semester... research methodology for consumer psychology and marketing theory and practice - it will be good though because it will only be 2 days a week - mon and wed. - but wed one of my classes is evening class so i will be at school til like between 8-9pm eek!

Brandi is settling in nicely she is getting big! she is 30 lbs or so now! she is funny in that she barks at aaron if he falls asleep at my house - haha

thanksgiving was good - we had it at my house

christmas was also at my house and it was very good - aaron came over in the morning and we opened presents and i got a laptop! that was a surprise!  and aaron got me a new cell phone and bluetooth headset (which he had given to me thanksgiving weekend because he put it added onto his phone plan cause he got a deal and it didnt cost any extra to add my line on to his so now i have two cell phones - dont i feel special  ha)  and i got 2 new DDR games and season 6 of gilmore girls!  so it was a good christmas!  

i have been watching a lot of movies lately.  in the past couple of days i watched Soapdish, Just Like Heaven, Dead Or Alive, The Devil Wears Prada, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, Talldega Nights, and Death To The Supermodels - a fine collection of movies...

especially that last one... its one of those straight to video movies that is really strange  and only got lik,e 2/10 stars on IMDB.  (actually it reminds me a lot of DOA - the whole gathering on an island thing and scantilly clad girls fighting....) anyway - This girl (Jaime Pressly) works for a women;s magazine named Merle and she is trying to make it more popular so she arranges for the 5 greatest supermodels in the world to gather at a private island - the models are an eclectic bunch - P is latina and she was homeschooled by her illiterate grandma and only fed on tuesdays and thursdays... she has the greatest pout in all the land  haha  and then there is a chinese model named hoo-chi, and a european model with really long armpit hair and she stinks really bad and is somehow involved with a midget... a black model named Yo with the biggest booty ever, and the american model is like a living doll - she never talks and barely moves....  jaime pressly's character is psychotic and obsessed with the supermodels and she listens to a self help tape all the time telling her how special she is - and someone is mysteriously killing off the supermodels - P gets harpooned... and i'm still watching it but i'm sure it is gonna continue to be amazing haha

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K [05 Nov 2006|02:56pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Today is a day full of studying... i can't wait for the semester to be over so i can do fun things like cooking and not having to study all the damn time.

yesterday i took brandi (thats the puppy) with me to aarons and she got to meet all his animals - spencer the cat and her sniffed noses, veta the mastiff just sorta sniffed her and didnt care too much, murphy the pitbull was excited about a new friend and wanted to play with her and sniff her all over but brandi was sort of scared of him and hid behind my legs... and fritz the chihuahua came up to her sniffed her once and then started growling at her hahah fritz is quite funny since he has been living downstairs with the big dogs instead of just being upstairs with aaron all the time. he growls at the big dogs (and they move out of his way!) and he will crawl on top of veta when she is lying down and stand there like king of the mountain, and apparently he has taken a liking to her and humps her on occassion which i find hilarious cause veta is nearly as big as i am and probably weighs just as much and fritz is only like 2 or 3 pounds haha :-P but i kept brandi upstairs with us most of the time last night and she was soo good! she didnt have any accidents, she didnt chew on anything she wasnt supposed to, and she stayed off the furniture!

friday night aaron and i went to see the movie borat - it was quite hilarious - i could have done without the nude male scenes... but whatever.. it was still funny.

i keep watching cooking shows and they make things that look sooo yummy i want to make them, but i really should be studying and not wasting time making foods full of fat no matter how yummy they made them look on tv.

when i'm not studying i need to be working on my hour long power point presentation and paper to go along with it for my consumer psych class about online shopping... sounds easy - but its hard finding credible information thats relevant to perceived consumer risk and Trust. and lord knows how i'm gonna talk for an hour about it!

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ta-da! [15 Oct 2006|04:40am]
[ mood | tired ]

so its only been 25 years since my last update it feels like  -  faith got married, my car is still doing fine, i still like my classes - on the first exam in stats i got 94% and i also got the same score on the second exam!  i am currently awaiting the results from my consumer psych exam... as it was expected to be quite challenging i studied for 4 days straight and i think it went alright - but we'll see.  not much else going on i've just been exhausted lately... oh but friday night we got a new puppy!  :)

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back to school [30 Aug 2006|12:54am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i got my car! its wonderful! i love it! i already said everything about it a couple posts back... so thats about it on that.

school doesnt suck! i am taking 2 classes, consumer psychology and statistics. consumer psych is a lot of reading journal articles and stuff like that - but they are interesting and not boring at all and i understand whats going on for the most part - sometimes they use words i dont know but otherwise i think i'm good to go - and we have to do a group project thats work a huge amount of our grade. it has to be all professional and on power point and 50 minutes long. somehow i got lucky and my group's topic is online shopping! i love it! :) so me and two other girls have to figure out what to do for that.. and its due at the end of the semester. the other class, stats, is fun already - my first homework assignment was manually entering data from 10 scan tron sheets into a spreadsheet. next class we will learn how to clean up data to account for human error. and all our classes will be in a computer lab so thats good. and bad... the teacher forbid us to have food or drink in the lab, not because she doesnt want us to mess up the computers, but because she doesnt want us enticing cockroaches. and she said to never set our bookbags on the floor for that same reason... so that sounds wonderful, but she said they spray once a week for them so i dunno if they are just horrible and wont die? or if they are kept mostly under control... i dont think i will deal well with cockroaches in my class.

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